Nova Corporation

Welcome to the Nova Corporation

First, there was darkness, then there was light.

Humanity, humanity is known for trying to discover mysteries, places and long-forgotten ruins of buildings;
from the smallest tunnel to the depths of the Marianas trenches.
We wish with our vast knowledge and power, to see the world, to understand our place in the universe.
But what if we shine our light of knowledge and reasonability at things that should have never existed, things that confuse the most brilliant of minds, things that cause terror in your heart, things that haunt you at night.

Nova Corporation was founded on knowledge. The desire to know more and to advance.
To explore the unexplored; we wanted so much under such little time.
In 1912, we got that chance: anomalies. The gold of the century, the bread and butter of the Nova Corporation.
We used them to advance, to create technology people thought to be from sci-fi, to create weaponry capable of wiping out entire battalions of men.
Nova Corporation started gathering, hoarding these monsters, these things, and using them to create new guns, bombs, planes, cars, radios, the television and so much more.
We advanced through the help of these anomalies and used what we learned from them to create new technology to advance humanity and in return gain resources to ease containment and gather more anomalies.
At first, like every corporation, we only thought about profit, but as time went by, after two brutal world wars, we understood that nations using anomalies for wars would be catastrophic.
With the knowledge we learned from the wars, the veterans returning home and working for the Nova Corporation, it became clear that we had to keep these things safe, away from humanity, stored in a cell where they could never hurt anyone.
Sadly, of course, there are those that wish to destroy our hard work, wish to unleash chaos on our world, but we shall hold, we shall stand.
We are standing alone right now, we have to stay strong together, united and prepared.
We have to hold the darkness back, no matter the cost, we are the only ones able to protect the earth.

We are the Nova Corporation.

Make sure to be creative and to read our rules. You will only be accepted if you read the rules and are apart of the Innovation Department or a member of ranking Class - X or above.

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